Company Trying To Clean Up Graffiti Problem

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(KPLR)-- The family owned Servco Equipment Company is shelling out more money to fix a graffiti problem that doesn`t seem to go away.

They own an industrial warehouse in an area near the south side of the Poplar Street Bridge.

The owners had no idea someone spray painted a profanity followed by the word police on the warehouse until we contacted them.

'It`s tough for us,' explained the operations and plant manager Greg Gates.  The warehouse is located in an area that`s surrounded by other buildings with plenty of graffiti.

The city offers help to remove graffiti in that district anytime the message is eight feet or lower from the ground.

In this case the message was high enough that the company will need to foot the bill.  It`s something they`ve done repeatedly.

'It`s difficult to spend the money to fix it because when you go fix it they`re going to put it right back up,' explained Gates.

Gates doesn`t blame the city or police saying unless the vandals are caught in the act it`s impossible to stop.

He doesn`t think there`s a short-term solution but believes if the city can develop that area near downtown then additional foot traffic could be ultimate solution.

He said his company would take bids immediately to have the latest vandalism removed.  He said it`s not only bad for his company but for the city as well.