Bernthal, The Way It Oughta Be: Clover

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(KPLR) - I brought my chair to this park because if anyone knows about taking care of a lawn it has to be a parks crew.  And guess what I found.  Clover.  That's right, the annoying green plant that so many lawn lovers work tirelessly to dispose of.

Apparently it's not so bad after all.  In fact some argue clover has gotten a bad wrap over the years.

There are actually some benefits.

I'm told clover is a natural fertilizer.  It can turn nitrogen in the air into plant fuel in the ground.

If you don't like a brown lawn, clover should be your friend.  It stays green.

The only downside is the magnetic quality for attracting bees.  But in recent years bees have turned into an important part of the ecological equation.

So don't hate me for leaving the clover in my yard.  It might even bring some good luck.

I’m JB and that’s The Way It Oughta Be.