Mendte: Romney’s VP Choices

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(NEW YORK) - Time to start talking again about who Mitt Romney may pick as his vice president.  I have been saying for 6 months that it is going to be Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, not matter how many times he says he won't take it.

Everybody says no to being vice president until they say yes.

But Rubio said something recently that for the first time made me think maybe it won't be him.

He endorsed Romney, sort of kinda.

Now why did you have to say that first, I'm asking you to marry me, not because everyone else turned me down.

Rubio then went on to say that he knows republicans wanted other candidate, but they didn't run.

Anyway, I really want to marry Becky from high school, but she dumped me.

A lot of insiders are starting to talk about Paul Ryan from Wisconsin as the VP.

But recent polls show that Romney has fallen way behind Barack Obama in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and New Mexico, states you need to win to be president.

The reason, women voters are turning on Romney, because of what they see as a republican assault on contraception.

So I am starting to believe that Romney may go with a woman… say.


It could be someone like Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina or Governor Susana Martinez from New Mexico.

Women make up over half the voting electorate; a candidate can't lose the women vote by a big margin and expect to win an election.

And aside from all of that, we need more women running for national office; they have to do better than the men.