Families Prepare For The Easter Meal

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Allison Schrieber Lee is prepping for Passover...with a little help from Pumpernickle delicatessen.

'Every year we have friends over but because I'm not a very good cook,' laughs Allison  Schreiber Lee.  'I have them do the whole thing I have turkey and potatoes and matzo ball soup and gefilte fish and they do everything for us.  Wonderful."

Customers have kept the counters busy at the Creve Coeur business.

'It is the single biggest day for us,' says Jay Silver, owner of Pumpernickle Deli.

Owner Jay Silver sees more people looking for assistance when their Seder.

'We`ll do over 120 pounds of chopped liver,' says Silver.  'We`ll do 60 or 70 pounds of matzo farfel.  Matzeltoff, about 80 pounds and I don't know how many boxes of matzo.'

Across town at Kenrick`s meats and catering, many were eager to get their Easter fixings.

'We are scheduled to do 400 to 450 garnished hams for the holidays,' says Joe 'The Butcher' Weinmann of Kenrick`s Meats & Catering.  'These are people who were having Easter cause their families are so large the majority of these hams are going out tonight for those who are going to have Easter tonight.'

Joe the Butcher says they`ve sold more full meals that most years to younger cooks who don`t want to try and harness a ham.

'You know what`s something different this year,' says Weinmann.  'Usually a Christmas thing but this year more people are doing prime rib in doing the pork loin.  The boneless pork loin there is easy to slice and putting them on the grill or baking in the oven and it's something different for people who don't like ham.'

And in case you have a hanering for a ham, Joe has a little advice.

'Don't force the ham to cook it fast,' says Weinmann.  'Cook it slow on 250 for two and a half hours it's done.'

And you can keep yourself from laying an egg, when it comes to your big Easter meal.