Mendte: Republican Presidential Candidate Race Game Over

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(NEW YORK) - Finally, it’s over.  After wins in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington D.C. this week.

Mitt Romney is the republican presidential nominee and it is time for Rick Santorum to gracefully bow out.

Oh come on!!!  There’s no second half, games over.

Right now the score is Mitt Romney 655 delegates, Rick Santorum 278; you need 1,144 to clinch the nomination.  Even if Santorum wins all of the rest of the delegates, which he is not going to do, he can’t win.  So game over.

Remember the black knight in Monty Python who wouldn’t admit it was over.

All the former senator wants to do now is win his home state of Pennsylvania on April 24th.

But also on the 24th there will be primaries in New York, Connecticut, Rhodes Island and Delaware and Mitt Romney will win all four of those.

And if Romney wins Pennsylvania and right now he is only down 6 points; not only is Santorum done in 2012, any chances he had for 2016 and beyond may be over.

Knowing that Romney, who has mega millions money, is going to pour a fortune into Pennsylvania and after seeing what happened when Romney did the same thing in Michigan, Florida and Ohio; well you have to believe  he may very well win in Santorum’s home state.

The smart move would be for Santorum to step aside before he looks downright silly.

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