Could A Lotto App Increase Your Odds?

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Washington DC (CNN) - Up, up and away went the Mega Millions jackpot, moving past the five hundred million dollar mark for Friday's drawing, sending 42 states and the nation's capital, into a frenzy.

Those who play the lottery regularly have a strategy for big jackpots. But for those who don't, there are apps that  say  they'll steer you in a winning direction.

The 99-cent Lotto Pro App for android and iPhone says it tracks trends from previous drawings, and generates picks for you based on those results.
The lotto picks app lets you review results of state drawings, plus the bigger contests, to see which numbers have come up most often -- and can also randomly choose numbers for you.

An unofficial iPhone app devoted solely to Mega Millions lets you store your previous digits, so you know which ones didn't strike it rich in the past.
But a lottery, at its very core, is a numbers game and no matter how you choose them, the odds are against all of us.

They're not pessimists, they're realists. The chances of you, or your phone, hitting all six numbers in a mega millions drawing are about one in 176 million.

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