St. Charles Woman Injured By Angry Goose

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(KPLR)-- Charles Holt thinks it`s time to loosen the restrictions on getting rid of geese.  His wife was injured after she tried to duck and run from an angry goose outside an office park near Interstate 70 and Earth City Expressway.

'She heard a flapping noise going on behind her so she turned around to take a look and she saw two big geese headed straight for her face,' said Holt.

He talked with outside Mercy Hospital where his wife was being treated for her injuries.  Holt said nothing was broken but that his wife was so sore from her fall that she was unable to walk on her own.

Holt believes more needs to be done to keep workers safe at all area office parks with geese problems.

'They need to get out there right now and start doing it.'

Charlie Hubbard manages a company called, Another Wild Goose Chase.  He uses a border collie to chase away geese from populated areas.  The idea is to send the geese into a more natural habitat.

'If geese nest here and are born here they stay here and they don`t migrate,' explained Hubbard.

He said there are ways to remove a nest but it requires permission from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Hubbard works 7 days a week and says more and more businesses, park departments and schools are turning to his company for help.

'They`re 16 to 18 pounds and with a 4 to 5 foot wingspan they have been known to break bones,' said Hubbard.

He advises his clients to allow the grass to grow around pools of water because geese will leave fearing a predator could be hiding.

His company`s website is

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