Poultry Pro Builds Chicken Coup Mansion

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Richmond Heights, MO (KPLR) - Bill  Ruppert hatched an idea years ago for the king of all coops.  It actually has a lookout tower for the tree house I didn't have as a young boy.  Kind of serves as a tool shed and it's a backdrop for our vegetable garden.'

According to a consumer study by Tractor Supply Company, three percent of Americans own chickens.  But that number is expected to double this year.

'The interest in chicken is really because of an interest in local foods,' says Ruppert.

'People are wanting to have a little more control over their diets in the food they eat there's a lot of interest in creating your own eggs.'

That`s egg-actly why municipalities are picking up on the pecking order.

'Richmond Heights recently adjusted there ordnance to allow chickens,' says Ruppert.  'Creve Couer has a pretty sophisticated revised ordinances based on land area and Ellisville.'

The city of St. Louis is on-board with beaks, but no roosters.  Kirkwood has long allowed the feathered friends.

'How many chickens do you have and do you have a favorite?' asks Clark.

'Right now we have 23 and were getting 10 more in a couple weeks,' says Ruppert.

His favorite fowl is this Americana black and gold he calls 'Mizzou.'

Bill Ruppert is giving a talk called "The Scoop on the Coop" this Thursday.  It is a seminar about raising chickens in your backyard.  This learning event takes place Thursday, March 29 at 7:00 PM at The Heights, 8001 Dale Ave.
Bill will be talking about understanding the “culture” of chickens, nutrition and general health care, sustainable shelter design, how and where to purchase chicks and preparing for the arrival of chicks. A question and answer session will follow the talk.

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