Mendte: Afghan Soldiers Killing NATO Troops

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The latest from Afghanistan is word that an Afghan soldier, a soldier that we trained and armed; opened fire on allied forces in Afghanistan at the gate of a military base.  Two British soldiers were killed.

This is not an isolated incident; attacks by Afghanistan soldiers on American troops and our allies has become the second leading cause of death for coalition forces this year.

It is a shocking fact of this senseless war, but it is worse than that.

Since the year began, more American and coalition forces have been gunned down by Afghan troops than Taliban or al Qaeda insurgents.

I’ll leave that up for a moment so it can sink in.

My question is; why isn’t that fact blared across headlines, debated on cable news and protested on the streets?

When did we stop caring?

Remember that we completed the original mission in Afghanistan, when Navy Seals shot Osama bin Laden in the face.

Now we are told the mission is to set up a stable government and to train Afghan forces to defend that government against forces hostile to America.

But the government there has now said it wants our soldiers to get out of Afghan cities and towns and stay on base; where the Afghan soldiers that we trained, are killing our soldiers.

They are a force hostile to America and still we stubbornly stay.  We give money and support to a government that doesn’t want us there and we train soldiers who kill our men and women on our own military bases.

And still we stay and we are told we are going to continue to stay until the end of 2014.

But that can change.

We have a presidential election at the end of this year; this is our time to let our political leaders know that we want to get out now.

The men and women serving in Afghanistan deserve that from us, we need to care.

They have no friends over there, they need friends here.

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