Smartphones To Receive Ads Based On Background Noise?

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(KPLR)-- Your Smartphone is getting smarter or a little more intrusive. Google wants to send you ads, based on the background noise of your phone calls.

'They have the ability if it's raining to send you an advertisement for an umbrella,' says St. Louis attorney Andrew Sandroni of O`Gorman & Sandroni.  'If there is crowd noise in the background they have the opportunity to send you an ad for sports apparel.'

According to a patent filed by Google and Nokia, the companies call the patent 'Advertising based on environmental conditions.'

'Say you are at a golf course and the sensors pick up the sounds of the game,' says Patrick Clark.  'Next thing you know you're getting an ad on your smartphone for golf balls and golf getaways and crazy golf clothes.'

'I think that`s an invasion of your privacy,' says St. Louisan Laura Kneibert.

'I think it's a cool idea,' says Andrew Rolwes.  'Because it's like it automatically tells you what you might need.'

'That's kind of freaky that you can tune in to what's going on,' says Alysha Drummond.  'It's a little scary.'

A little scary, but not illegal.

'I don't think it's a legal invasion in someone's privacy because your cellphone usage isn't private to begin with,' says Sandroni.  'It's already legally trackable.  We have all corded phones in our office.  We don't talk to clients on cell phones because there's no confidentiality there.'

Google`s patent also talks about backgrounds in photos and videos.

Snap a picture of a snowman and you might get an ad for a snow shovel on your Smartphone.

'If you don't want to do that don't use your cell phone,' says Sandroni.  'But how do you not use your cell phone in today's world.'

Outsmarting your Smartphone, isn`t as easy as it sounds.
Patrick Clark, News 11.