Lionel: Rips Into George Zimmerman Shooting Trayvon Martin

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There he is. 28 year-old George Zimmerman. Florida neighborhood watch bad-ass and wanna-be tough guy. Self-appointed neighborhood watch captain who dreamed of being a cop. A man who took it upon himself according to neighbors to conduct nightly patrols while he walked his dog. He was always on the lookout and was known to warn neighbors to be particularly on alert for black 'outsiders' who he claims were sometimes caught lurking. Lurking. It sounds ominous. I prefer prowling or its little brother loitering.

George Zimmerman: a twisted dude with a sick sense of entitlement, a 9 millimeter and a carry permit. Barnie Fife meets Buford Pusser. This guy makes the Guardian Angels look like Scotland Yard. George Zimmerman, a hybrid of walking tall and death wish. An amalgam of Paul Kersey conjoined with Junior Samples.

The Miami Herald reports that a 17 year-old neighbor says that Barnie would circle the neighborhood and stop her just to make sure she lived there. He was on patrol! Holy, paranoid, Batman. It seems that Goober Pyle called the heat a grand total of 46 times since January first 2011 to report minor disturbances, break ins, kids running in the street and open garage doors.

Eliot ness is on the job. Nine of those times he told the cops he saw something or someone suspicious. Book `em, Danno! On the fateful night of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin`s murder, on the preantepenultimate night of the second month of this year, Joe Friday called 911 again! And said 'hey, we`ve had some break-ins in my neighborhood. And there’s a real suspicious guy at retreat view circle. This guy looks like he’s up to no good.' he said this shady character was walking slowly - you mean, walking! Versus running, which really looks suspicious. He further reported this guy looked drugged and appeared to be looking in people’s houses.

Captain crime watch said, 'these a-holes always get away.' the cops also may have missed a racial epithet first in his call. They never arrested this creep. Never tested him for drugs or alcohol as is the procedure and he was interviewed by a narcotics detective and not a trained homicide detective. If a Florida grand jury and/or state attorney fails to indict this make believe neighborhood vigilante with at least manslaughter, there is no god, no justice and this a-hole gets away.

If that was your kid, shot in the street like a dog, begging for his life, armed with Skittles and an Arizona Ice Tea, you’d be screaming to high heaven for this lunatic to be arrested and convicted. Under any analysis, Florida’s stand your ground law, name it, this pathetic waste of flesh screams for justice as Trayvon Martin screamed and begged for his life.