Bernthal-The Way It Oughta Be: NFL Bounty Suspensions

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I've never played in the NFL but I can only imagine the pressure to win.   I know for a fact most coaches spend the season doing little else other than football.

They live it, breathe it and their livelihood depends on how successful they are.

So it's easy to understand how the pressure might convince some to go too far and that's what the NFL believes the new Rams defensive coordinator did.

Football is a weird game.  You're supposed to smack the heck out of the guy with the football.  You just can't grab him by the face mask.

Unintentionally injuring someone is okay, but doing it on purpose is a no-no.

I'm sorry but you can bet every player on defense is trying their best to hit someone as hard as they can.

The NFL has made its decision on our coach.  I just don't think anyone should be surprised, when you consider how much pressure there is to win.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.