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Jogger Attacked, Robbed Along Busy Street In South St. Louis

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS, MO- ( There`s been another frightening attack on one of St. Louis`s busiest streets.  A 33-year-old woman was robbed while jogging on Grand Boulevard at Neosho around 5pm Monday.

'I just remember the face of the guy that was screaming at me,' said Mary Whitman, standing at the scene of the crime just 24 hours after it happened.  It was a glorious evening:  sunshine, 80 degrees.  There were cars and people everywhere.   Mary Whitman was five minutes from her home, out for a jog.  She had no idea two bold young men were out for her and the ipod she had strapped to her arm.

Their voices are still echoing in her ears.

'I heard, `Give it to me!`' she said.  'He just kept saying, `Give it to me.`'

The fear is still racing through her mind.

'`Give it to me, give it to me!`' she recalled them saying as they were nearing an alley, 'and we come to right here and I`m thinking, `Oh my gosh, they`re gonna pull me in here, and I don`t know what they`re gonna do.`'

Even through there were cars and people nearby, at that moment, Mary felt alone.

'That`s when they threw me into this wall,' she said, leaning up against the wall of an apartment building.  'My back hit and my arm hit.  They`re still pulling on me and screaming.  At that point I almost went into this window.'  She pointed to a shattered window.  'I busted the window out.'

She has scrapes and cuts on her arm from the glass.  But she has deep dark bruises on her arm, in the shape of a hand.  And she has cuts from the suspects` fingernails.

Surveillance video from a cell phone store captured Mary jogging past the front door with the two young suspects just steps behind her.  Behind the store, out of the camera`s view, is the alley where they grabbed her and the apartment building where she shattered the window.

'I thought they were going to rape me,' she admitted.  'I thought they would pull me back here and nobody would see anything.'

'I panicked and my instinct was to just scream, you know let somebody hear me.'

A customer at the cell phone store did hear Mary, and answered her call.  As he ran to her, the suspects ran away.

Mary`s injuries are not serious but she is in a bit of pain.  Still, she bravely returned to the scene Tuesday, with a message of courage and resolve.

'This says that I`m not afraid,' she said, 'and that this is my neighborhood and that they will be caught.  That I will make sure the police do their jobs.'

'I`m kind of facing my fear,' she said.  'I`m not going to let this get me down.  I`m not going to stop running and trying to have a healthy lifestyle.  I`m just going be more aware of what`s going on around me.'

Both suspects are young black men, maybe in their late teens.  She said they have slim builds and short hair.  One of them had on a white T-shirt and khaki cargo shorts.  The other was wearing a grey T-shirt.

Mary is offering a bit of advice.  'I don`t want people to be scared to be out here and walking and running, but you need to be careful,' she said.  'Don`t have headphones on, don`t carry anything that`s valuable, that`s the lesson.'

In October, south city resident Matt Quain was attacked and severely beaten in the 3300 block of South Grand, allegedly a victim of the 'knockout game'.  Mary was robbed in the 4600 block.