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Deer Crashes Inside Nursing Home

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A deer jumped through the window of the New Athens Home for the Aged, in New Athen, IL, and nearly landed in the lap of resident Ruth Erb,87.

She shared her frightening story with Fox 2 Wednesday.

She was hardly losing sleep over it.  The way Ruth saw it, the deer missed !

'I don`t know if I`m famous or infamous,' she quipped, from the same recliner where she was when the deer came shattered her window and jumped into her room, two Sundays ago, around 3:00 p.m.

Ruth was reading a book; her recliner pushed up alongside her bed.

She`s also an avid harmonica player, blowing several tunes for the Fox 2 crew, but none for the deer;  not even the song that seems to define her now, one she cannot play, the satirical Christmas song, 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer'.

'I only know, `grandma got run over by a reindeer, coming home from my house Christmas Eve, that`s all I remember on that,' she laughed.

She said people keep calling her and bringing up the song upon learning of the news.

Ruth, is a retired English teacher from Marissa schools.  She lost her husband of 23 years back in 1978. She has a daughter and two grandchildren, who are very glad grandma did not get run over.

So is grandma.

'It came through that window ... the first thing  I know,  Ilooked up and it was coming down on the bed... it just stopped long enough to leave a couple of tufts of hair on the bed there ...then out the door it went ...I  yelled `help` is what  I did.'

The deer dashed into the dining hall.  There was  a trail of broken glass and deer blood.

'It was literally just trying to get out,' said Nursing Director, Christine Pflasterer.  'Then it would run back around, back to the walls again, jumping, up against the closet doors.'

'And the doe just ran out the back door,' Ruth said.

Pflasterer said it was trapped in the dining room for nearly 25 minutes before workers got it to run out through the emergency exit;  quite the story quick-witted, Ruth, who`s husband used to work for John Deere.

'Could I tell you a joke about John Deere?   Do you know what the plow said to the tractor?  Come a little closer, John, Dear,' Ruth laughed.

She said she hoped the deer recovered and made it back into the woods to be with its 'buddies'.

That may not have been the case.

The next day, a deer crashed into - but not through the bay window of a home a couple of blocks away.  No one was sure if it was the same deer.

No people were hurt in either case.

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