Your Favorite TV Shows Reveal Your Politics

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A new study by sociologist Max Kilger says your television preferences probably indicate the way you vote.  Shows like ‘Law & Order’ with a reliable structure were preferred by conservatives. Liberals tended to prefer shows that,”Tend to either mock traditional things or produce unusual or unexpected kinds of situations.” Examples include 30 Rock, Nature and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

There is one show that all sides of the political spectrum can agree on.  FOX’s show House was at the top of the list for those left, right and center of the political spectrum.

Full Report: Experian_Simmons_TV_Viewing_Data

Top shows for republican viewers:

  1. The Good Guys – FOX
  2. This Old House – PBS
  3. Swamp Loggers – Discover Channel
  4. Top Shot – History Channel
  5. Castle – ABC

Top shows for democrat viewers:

  1. Masterpiece – PBS
  2. 30 Rock – NBC
  3. Parks and Recreation – NBC
  4. Glee – FOX
  5. Nature – PBS

Top shows for moderates:

  1. Private Practice – ABC
  2. How I Met Your Mother – CBS
  3. Bridezillas – WE TV
  4. Brothers and Sisters – ABC
  5. Gene Simmons Family Jewels – A&E

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