Warm Weather Boosting Sales

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The sixth warmest winter on record is pumping up sales at some St. Louis businesses.

The folks at Thies Farm plan to open a week early. Customers are calling wanting to buy flowers and plants.

Nearby Hartke Nursery in Olivette is also busy. General Manager Don Walls said some folks are considering planting vegetables that shouldn`t go into the ground for quite a while.
Walls said, 'They`ll want to know about the tomato plants and the pepper plants the warm season crops that can`t get started to mid to late April.'

He said if you plant those vegetables too early a cold front could wipe them out.
At the Missouri Botanical Garden they are receiving a lot of phone calls from people wanting more information about lawn care and tree pruning.

In Forest Park fishermen like Earl Williams are simply enjoying the weather. Williams said, 'This time of year, March, I never expected anything like this just get out and enjoy it.'

The bright sun is warming up sales at Prestige Pools in Sunset Hills. Business is up almost 20 percent. Brian Tabor sells swimming pools, 'The first couple of warm days we get the phones start ringing pretty heavy after that.' He added, 'We can walk outside into the backyard we can kind of layout by paint or tape measure and they can get a little better visual.' He said warm winters are better for swimming pool sales while cold snowy winters are good for selling hot tubs.

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