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Mendte: Stop Kony 2012

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NEW YORK, NY. )KPLR11)-If you spend any time on Facebook or Twitter, you have seen KONY 2012. A movement to get the world to focus on capturing Joseph Kony, the world’s most notorious terrorist who hides in the jungles of Central Africa.  He raids villages, kills parents; and abducts their sons and daughters to be sex slaves and children soldiers for his Lord’s Resistance Army

Much of Kony`s power comes from our apathy, with no strategic reason for the world to care about Central Africa, we don’t; but that has changed just this week.

A YouTube video asking each of us to help make Joseph Kony famous; so he can’t hide in the shadows of our indifference has gone viral; it was posted Tuesday and is on its way to 100 million views in a week’s time.

The video was put together by a film making dad in Ontario, Canada.

Social Media fueled awareness, the hash tags #stopKony and #Kony2012 litter Twitter accounts and Posters with a link to the video seem to be on every Facebook wall.

The movement’s critics have come up with a new term; Slactivism, the delusion that slackers can change the world by posting and re-tweeting.

There are other criticisms as well, some aimed at Invisible Children, the charity behind the video with any charity you need to read up on them before giving money.

But no one questions the goal; that Joseph Kony needs be brought to justice for his atrocities; U.S. Special Forces are helping the manhunt right now.

And no one questions the social phenomenon that is KONY 2012.

We are witnessing a tipping point where old media will follow new media.

It used to be that Television moved people to care about world events by showing video of the Vietnam War, of Somalia and of Tiananmen Square.

Now because of the shared power of the Internet, it can be a Dad with a camera and a computer in Canada.

We all share the power of instant awareness, what are you going to do with it?

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