Mizzou Tigers Get #2 Seed

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Tigers get #2 seed! Really! Come on! If any team deserves to be at the top of the NCAA Tournament it’s definitely The Missouri tigers, so say die-hard fans. A huge crowd celebrated the tigers’ big win over Baylor Saturday night at Harpo’s when the team brought home the big 12 tournament title. The tigers beat the bears by a score of 90-75. They had three straight wins over three days in Kansas City. Then Tiger fans waited on pins and needles all night Saturday and all day Sunday for the big announcement from the selection committee. It dropped with a thud. Second seed – really? At thirty and four Tiger fans believe their favorite team should have gotten a number one seed in the tournament. No doubt about it. The tigers are in the western quadrant. They take on Norfolk state Friday night in Omaha, Nebraska. Fans aren’t happy with the seed, but hey – they’re happy the Tigers made it to the big dance! Go Tigers!