March Madness For Mizzou And SLU

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Missouri Tigers Fans are debating wither their team was snubbed with a number 2 seed instead of a number one.

‘You have to win your tournament and that`s what Missouri did,’ said Dave Icenogle, Mizzou fan.

The Tigers finished the season with a 30-4 record but some say their schedule was not as strong as other teams.

‘I think we`ve kind of been the underdog all season long,’ said Eric See, Mizzou Alum. ‘I think this just makes us that much more hungry.

Brandon Wyatt is friends with a number of Missouri`s players and believes the team will be ready to play no matter what seed they are.

‘I know them on a personal level and I think they have the skills to do what they need to do,’ said Wyatt.

Some fans were especially upset that their team was sent to the West region to play while Kansas was given a seed in the Midwest.

‘We split with Kansas and we won the tournament and they did not,’ said Icenogle.  ‘We deserve to be in the Midwest.’

Saint Louis University players watched the tournament selections from Chaefitz Arena.  They jumped for joy when the announcement came that they were a number 9 seed in the West.

‘It`s been a long time coming and there`s been a lot of hard work that`s gone into this,’ said SLU athletic director Chris May.

The Billikens will travel to Columbus, Ohio for their 1st tournament game while Missouri will play in Omaha, Nebraska.