Early Morning Shooting Kills East St. Louis Man

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A 23 year old man was shot and killed outside a nightclub in East St. Louis just feet from the East St. Louis Police Department.  It happened around 4AM Sunday.

Detectives from Illinois State Police were called in to help in the investigation.  Police say an altercation inside Club 103 spilled outside as the establishment was closing down.  Shots were fired and the victim died at the scene, said police.

Several shots were fired in different locations across East St. Louis and Washington Park following the murder.  Detectives fanned out across the area to investigate whether they were related to the killing.  Police said witnesses were being interviewed but no suspects had been identified.

The victim’s cousins, Dayatra and Danielle Weston, hoped to send a message to young people.  “Violence is not the answer,” said Dayatra.  “It’s like a never-ending thing and I just want it to stop.”

She was wearing a t-shirt with her deceased nephew’s photo on it.  He was shot and killed in East St. Louis in May.

“Please just put down the guns and come forward if you know who did it,” said Danielle.  “Please tell somebody.  Let the authorities know what happened.  We can have closure on both cases.  Please do that for us, for our family.”

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS.