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Three Jail Escapees Back In Custody

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Three jail escapees are now back in custody in Bond County, Illinois after they allegedly overpowered a corrections officer and escaped out of the back door of the jail.

Late Thursday afternoon, the three suspects were escorted back through the door they used to escape. A door that happened to be unlocked Wednesday night due to maintenance work.

U.S. Marshal’s caught 28 -year-old Brian Wilt near Carbondale around 11 a.m. on Thursday.

He was allegedly hiding out in someone’s house.

26 year old Joshua Frith and  21 year old James Hickman were arrested in Sullivan County, Indiana Thursday morning.

Authorities say around 1 a.m. on Thursday the trio overpowered a correctional officer when he unlocked their cell door.

Authorities say after the suspects ran out of the rear door of the jail, they stole a jeep.

They suspects were spotted hours later about 20 miles away in Carlyle.

An officer spotted the jeep and pursued it until the three crashed into a parked car.

The suspects ran and then allegedly stole two additional cars, including Kaysi Hill’s Chrysler.

It was found abandoned in Carbondale but for several hours Thursday they family was on pins and needles because they make several hour long trips each month to Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital.

Kaysi Hill said, "My daughter has congenital heart defects and she has had two open heart surgeries and she needs to be in constant care at Cardinal Glennon. I was hysterical. I wanted it to be just ok and they said there doesn’t look like there was any damage done. He just drove straight there and left the car in a parking lot  It might not have been the best car in the world but it meant something to me."

Authorities say Wilt was being held on forgery charges. Frith on drug charges and Hickman on sexual abuse charges. Additional charges are pending.

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