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Lionel: Sean Hannity Breitbart Obama Video

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NEW YORK, NY.-I caught the first part yesterday of Sean Hannity's TV show when the blockbuster Breitbart video was shown. You may recall this was the video that Andrew Breitbart said he was going to release on March 1st and that it would bring down the Obama presidency once and for all. It would shake the rafters exposing Obama as the whatever.

So I tuned in to Sean and let me say something, we’re friends. Used to work together during my WABC days and he’s a hell of a nice guy. And is one of the most able and successful proponents and advocates of the paleo-conservative cause. Ok, that being said.

The video was truly amazing. First, Obama sounds exactly the same today as he did 21 years ago. Second, there was nothing to the video. It seems that an African American professor at Harvard law school quit in protest when a black woman was denied tenure. And throughout the video I kept thinking: and, ok, and Therefore what. There was no and, there was no therefore and Sean, babe, look at me I love you man but this haggard, hackneyed, hoary mantra and chant about radicalized liberal whatever is so outdated, anachronistic and antediluvian.

Now, Sean, here’s where I can help. If you want to go after the policies of this president, call me. I’ve been railing against them since; well, since he took office and started going back on his word. And I know why you can’t address my bill of particulars because they’re in essence an uninterrupted continuation of Bush 43`s policies. Super-sized.

Sean, dude, Obama makes Dubya look Angela Davis in comparison. Look, I know that your crowd really wants to believe that Obama is a radicalized, leftie, secret Muslim when he’s not hanging around Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I know that your crowd turns its lonely eyes to you woo woo woo. But Sean, these objections are specious, meaningless and just don’t apply. Obama is as much a leftie as Wolf Blitzer's intriguing and I know what you do, and it’s clever, the way you guys throw out red herrings and flak to throw these guys off the trail like you did with Saul Alinksy. Saul Alinsky! Saul Alinksy! Who the hell is Saul Alinksy?

It doesn't matter but he sounds like a commie. Whatever you say, Sean. It’s like you did with Obama being a community organizer. Sinister. A community organizer. Good stuff, Sean. But stick to the fact. The facts are incredible. I'll help you, but this Breitbart radical lefty black radical business. Come on. And it doesn't say too much about the folks who're buying this tripe.


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