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Jacology: West County Holy War

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO.-Did you hear about this one? A local church is preparing to hold services when they find that a bus full of fundamentalist Muslims will be showing up. Worried about their kids, the church cancels Sunday school for the children. Don't worry about us, said the Muslims. We're just here to reach out in front of your church, on your Sabbath and tell you that Islam is the one true way and you should convert.

Didn't hear about it? That's because it didn't happen. What did happen today is that a bus load of fundamentalist Christians rolled up in front of a St. Louis County mosque. On Friday. The Muslim Sabbath. The mosque runs a school. And worried about their kids, the mosque cancelled school for the children. Don't worry about us said the Christians. We're just here in front of your mosque on your Sabbath to tell you that Christianity is the one true way and you should convert.

Imagine what the reaction would have been if the first scenario happened. Christian activists would have gone nuts about Muslims daring to proselytize in front of a church on the Christian holy day. But the second did happen. And it raised nary an eyebrow when an outfit called Reclaiming Missouri for Christ drove all the way up from Springfield, Mo.; to bring Jesus to the Mohammedans in Ballwin.

Good grief. Do we have to start scaring kids to make religious points? The web site for Reclaiming Missouri for Christ makes the point that they don't think much abortion, or gays, or liberals, or Jews or Muslims. Which means nothing but more noise from the Christian fundamentalist noise machine. It's their right. Just leave children out of it.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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