New Allergy Medicine Could End Meth Problem

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One of the leading law enforcement officers involved in the fight against methamphetamine is calling a new allergy product, 'The most important medical change and breakthrough in the United States at this time.'

Releva is a product 10 years in the making.  Highland Pharmaceuticals is based in Maryland Heights, Mo.  The company took on the challenge of developing an allergy medicine that would be popular with allergy sufferers yet impossible for drug users to turn into meth.

Jim Bausch is the company president and chief operating officer.  He expects approval for his product to come in a matter of days.

'Customers can get what they need and we can stop the abusers, 'said Bausch.

Grellner says narcotics officers tested Releva by trying to turn it into meth the same way meth users do.  He said it couldn`t be done.

'So the fires the explosions the dangers of these meth labs go away immediately,' said Grellner.

He praised Highland Pharmaceuticals for investing so heavily in a product  that will save lives and save taxpayers from picking up the cost of the destruction meth often leaves behind.

'I think we`ve got a lot of opportunity to stop the abuse and save the country a lot of  money,' said Bausch.

He`s had verbal confirmation from the DEA that his product will put a stop to the meth problem.  Now he`s waiting for written confirmation that would allow him to start producing the product.

'We can produce the product right now and we can put it out there,' said Bausch.  'We just need that clearance.'

Bausch says once he receives approval, he expects Releva to be on store shelves within 90 days.

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