Mendte: GOP Presidential Race, Like A Movie

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NEW YORK, NY. ( you ever go the movies and about half way through you start to fidget because it’s not very good; but you don’t want to leave because you’ve invested so much time.

And then three or four times you get up because you think it’s over; but it’s not, and so you grind your teeth and hope that it will end soon.

That’s exactly how I feel about the republican campaign for president.

Super Tuesday; more like sorry Tuesday, as in sorry it’s not over yet, sit back down.

Why? Because the TV experts keep moving the finish line for Mitt Romney.

We were told; if Mitt Romney can win Florida, it’s over, that was January 31st.  Romney won and it’s not over.

A month later, it was Michigan, Romney had to win; he did and still we trudge on.

Then sorry Tuesday; if Romney wins Ohio, we were told, that’s that, oops sorry, he didn’t win by enough.

Alright I’ll sit back down and grind my teeth and hope it ends soon, but it won’t.

Because Christian conservatives don’t trust Mormon and suspected moderate Mitt Romney; which is why Rick Santorum is doing so well and Newt Gingrich, the John Blutarsky of the race, won’t admit his campaign is over.

Right now bluto is helping Romney by stealing Christian conservative votes from Santorum; assuring Romney wins for instance, Santorum would have won Ohio and may have even won Michigan if Gingrich dropped out.

So here is something to watch for, primaries are coming up in Alabama and Mississippi, southern states that Gingrich needs to win; if he doesn’t, bluto may finally admit its over and drop out.

And you know what that would mean, Rick Santorum would win more states and this awful movie would last well into the summer and maybe to the convention in September.

You may want to get more popcorn or if you really want to check out, I can tell you the ending, Romney wins.

Oh and by the way; for you run Paul people, I appreciate your passion, but don’t email me and complain until he wins a state.

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