Maryland Heights Looking To Bring New Business To Vacant Area

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The city of Maryland Heights is looking to bring new business by redeveloping an underutilized and highly vacant part of the Westport area. After doing some research it decided that 15 properties and 50 acres along Fee Fee Schuetz and Dorsett Roads need an upgrade.

At a recent meeting the Maryland Heights city council voted unanimously to blight the properties making them eligible for tax abatements. All developers who make improvements and bring new business to the area will get the tax breaks. Some of the buildings haven't been used for months and others for years. All of the buildings in the plan are up for sale.

"There's an old concrete company, the old Alco valve building Construction Company on the corner there’s some old outdated buildings."

"That would mean more jobs for the city it does not have a real estate tax or property taxes wouldn't get any of that but the other taxing districts school districts fire districts St. Louis County the highways would benefit from it," said Maryland Heights Mayor Mike Moeller.

The city also says there was no use of eminent domain with the buildings. Businesses who didn't want to be part of the blight plan were removed from the list. Officials are hoping new industrial; manufacturing and retailers will fill the area. So far there are no plans to tear the buildings down.

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