Jacology: Birth Control Debate

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO. (KPLR11.com)I must have missed something. Apparently the economy has completely recovered, health care costs have been brought under control and terrorism is no longer a problem. All this must have happened since television and radio talking heads and candidates are talking about birth control. After they’re finished, I expect they’ll start debating indoor plumbing.

Let's be straight. This is not about the culture wars. This is about being stupid and paranoid. This all started because the Obama administration wants schools, hospitals and other non-church activities run by religious groups to offer health insurance coverage for contraception.

Critics call this an attack on religious freedom. That argument might make some sense, except that this isn't aimed at churches. It's aimed at non-religious institutions run by churches. The critics say birth control is against religious principles. Like what? This isn't abortion. It's contraception.

And then; how do you explain Rush Limbaugh calling a Georgetown University law student who testified before congress on the issue, a slut and a prostitute? Limbaugh gave an abject apology, which may have been based less on sorrow, than on advertisers bailing out of his radio show.

Most of this blather isn't based on principle. It's based on paranoia. On the fear that somehow they, whoever they are, are out to destroy your religious liberty. Pretty much the same way President Obama was born in Kenya and the moon landing was faked in a studio.

Anyway; when you can talk about condoms, why talk about the economy?

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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