“Invisible Children” Documentary Getting Millions Of Views On YouTube

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Invisible Children posted a documentary on YouTube.  Children exploited by Uganda`s civil war told their story to millions, after the video went viral.  Have you ever heard the name Joseph Kony?

According to the International Criminal Court, Joseph Kony is head of the Lord's Resistance Army.  Officials said he is the number one worst war criminal in the world.
Filmmaker Jason Russell got more specific.  He accused Kony of committing atrocities while the country of Uganda struggled with a civil war that has raged for over two decades.
Russell said Kony kidnapped children.

The girls, he said, become sex slaves.  The boys become part of Kony's killing squad.
The filmmaker interviewed kids in the war-torn country.

"My brother tried to escape,' one boy told Russell.  'Then, they killed him using a panga.  They cut his neck.'
Russell asked, 'Did you see it?'
'I saw it,' the boy answered.

Russell helped found the group "Invisible Children".  The organization is pushing Washington to intervene in Uganda.

Russell said almost no one here in the U.S. knew about these children and what they are trying to live through.

Well, it looks like they know now.

The documentary was uploaded March 5. By March 8, the documentary had more than 20 million views.

Watch the Documentary Now (Warning: Graphic Content)


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