Bernthal-The Way It Oughta Be: Power Outages

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO. ( love house shopping even though I have no plans for moving.  You can find out a lot of information about real estate thanks to the Internet.

You can find out how much the real estate taxes cost.  You can find out what the homeowner paid for their house and you can even find out the average annual energy costs for living there.

But there's one piece of information that might be even more helpful.

With every house listing I'd like to see how many days the power went off in that home.  I've talked with some unlucky homeowners who have told me they never would have bought the house they live in had they known how often the power would go out.

I'm lucky.  My house must be on a good power grid because the power rarely goes out at my home.  And when it does go out its back right away.

But I'd sure like to know the next time I buy a house, how often I might be without power.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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