Mendte: Contraception And Politics

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NEW YORK, NY.(…whoa…hey…please. We are talking about contraception way too much on the news. I feel the same way about the current debate in Washington as I do about commercials for yeast infection and erectile dysfunction.

Please just talk to your doctor leave me out of it.

I am especially appalled by the debate in Washington because I know it is all political theatre we wouldn’t be having this debate if it wasn’t a big election year, believe me, it is all to get you angry enough to vote.

Let me explain. This all started when President Obama screwed up and tried to make the Catholic Church pay for contraception for employees.

It was a clear violation of church and state and the president backed off and came up with a compromise the church could live with.

But republicans saw a campaign issue - the democrats are trying to trample on religious freedom.

And so Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri introduced a bill that would make it illegal for the federal government to force an employer to pay for contraception if that employer has a moral objection.

It was way too vague and stretched first amendment protection from religion to morality; which means one person can impose his or her morality on someone else, which is exactly why republicans were upset with President Obama in the first place.

But the democrats were just as bad and used this bill to say the republicans are trampling on women’s rights.  It’s about contraception not religious freedom.

The bill failed, but both sides succeeded in riling up their respective bases; Christian conservatives for the republicans and women’s rights groups for the democrats and nothing substantial was accomplished.

All of this unnecessary noise and still men and women are dying in Afghanistan. Gas prices are at an all time high, unemployment is over 8 percent and the deficit threatens our economic future.

And we’re talking about contraception.

Let’s do ourselves a favor please and vote every incumbent out of office; that will send a loud message that we are tired of you wasting our time.

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