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Bernthal: Cross Walk Signals

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I brought my chair to this intersection because of a conversation I had with a friend.
His complaint was that the cross walk signals are out of sync with the traffic lights.

You see when he's driving, if he sees the cross walk start to flash, he speeds up to make it through the traffic signal before it turns red.

At this intersection he complained that the cross walk starts flashing well before the light ever turned red.

When I asked a few other drivers they told me they too time their traffic signal driving with the cross walk flashing.

Folks, that's not good.  We don't need people speeding up through busy intersections.  And besides there eyes should be on the road.

So the next time a cross walk signal is installed maybe we need blinders on the signal so the walkers who need to see them can... But the drivers who shouldn't be watching them can't.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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