Mendte: Google Privacy

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We have been told by many that the great and powerful Google can do what it wants. What the men behind the internet curtain are doing is none of our concern.

What’s the use? Google we were told will never give in to pressure to change their new policy of collecting every single bit of information about you online.

Well, guess what; Google is about to give in to pressure or be forced to give in, thanks for not believing the false internet prophets who told you have no choice.

Google is just like any other company.

Just because you go to them, there are still limits on how much they can pry into your life.

You go to a department store and they have surveillance cameras all around. But they can’t watch you in the dressing room, there are limits imposed by law.

The problem with Google is that the laws have not kept pace with the internet.

So when they announced they were going to pool information on you from all their properties; Google, Google maps, you tube, Google images and other sites they own; well over 100 there was concern and pressure mounted.

The most pressure was from you. Other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and smaller search engines have seen a substantial increase in business.

On top of that, 34 state attorneys general from across the country have signed a letter asking Google to allow people to opt out of their tracking program if they choose.

The letter comes with an implied threat that if Google does not, they may be forced to go through the courts or legislation; which is the last thing Google wants or needs.

You may have noticed a multi million dollar ad campaign is underway to repair Google’s image.

All this because of you; nothing is more powerful than the American consumer, who simply wants the ability to opt out of having a dossier kept by Google of their online activity.

You keep choosing other online services and I will all but guarantee Google will give you the ability to opt out before it’s new policy goes into place.

Because the truth is, just like Dorothy before the great and powerful. You had the ability to opt out all along and you did.  There is no place like a non-Google home page.

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