Bernthal: Wellston Needs Help

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I brought my chair to Wellston because this city could use some major help.  This week the city council met not just behind closed doors but behind locked doors.

That's right.  And holding a meeting like that is wrong.

Before a city's elected leaders can meet behind closed doors they must vote out in the open to do so.

Wellston's leaders did not.

The issue was the future of the police chief.  Here's how a city with nothing to hide would handle the situation.

The mayor would let reporters in and explain why they can't discuss personnel issues.

Not in Wellston.  The thing that's interesting is that when a city's leader behaves in a way that leads a reporter to believe they are hiding something. It only makes us look even harder for the truth.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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