Mendte: U.S. Apology For Burning Quran

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Inmates at an American prison in Afghanistan pass notes to each other using the Quran. The notes and the Qurans are burned on the prison grounds.

NATO commander in Afghanistan John Allen immediately says it was an accident, issues an apology and says those responsible will be held accountable.

It does nothing to stop the rioting and death to America chants.

And so President Obama apologizes to Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai; you know the guy who is on record saying he is going to side with the Taliban as soon as we leave.

The apology was to try and calm the violence in Afghanistan.

Yeah that worked.

Dozens have been killed, hundreds injured and two U.S. soldiers have been shot in the increased violence there.

Now I understand that the president was trying to do anything he could to ease tensions; it turned out to be a mistake, but I am not going to criticize him for saying I’m sorry.

In fact, I think he should offer some other apologies.

President Obama tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan in December of 2009 despite the fact that the Taliban was out of power, and Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were gone. The surge of troops failed and 1,276 American serving in that country have been killed, how about an apology for that.

On May 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan completing the original stated mission to Afghanistan and still we kept our men and women there. Since that date, 464 of them have been killed; how about an apology to their families.

And now with no good reason to stay in Afghanistan, generals and politicians are using this latest violence as a reason to increase forces and stay longer; saying it would make us look strong.


Do we look strong now? If we got out right after Osama bin Laden was killed, we would have looked strong. Every day we stay now we look weak.

We need to get out now and every day we stay, the president can apologize for that!