Prisoner Escapes From Wellston Police

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The search is on for a prisoner who escaped the custody of Wellston police. It happened early Friday morning and now there is a manhunt underway to get the suspect back.  Authorities say around 1 a.m. an officer pulled over a car for expired plates. The man driving the car is the man police are now looking for.

He is identified as Billy Rabun, Jr. and authorities consider him armed and dangerous.  Rabun is in his 30s and is wanted on warrants our of St. Louis County for domestic assault.

Investigators say he was also set to go to jail on a gun charge.  After investigators pulled him over and arrested him on the outstanding warrants, they took him back to the Wellston Police Department to book him. Police say they uncuffed Rabun to let him make a phone call.

During that process, Rabun was somehow able to bolt out the front door with three officers around him. Officers from at least three different agencies looked for him but so far there has been no luck finding him.