He Said / She Said – Should You Seek Romance At The Office ?

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In this edition of He Said / She Said Tim Ezell and April Simpson discuss office romantic relationships.  Tim  made the point,  "Don't get your honey where you make your money."

Comments From Viewers:

Tracy Wade said "Been there, done that and it was a catastrophy! Lesson learned. never dip your pen in company ink."

Ronald E. Childssays, "April, It can actually work, and be quite fruitful and exciting to the relationship. doing so successfully requires, however, is a heightened level of maturity, a mutual respect for one another and his or her career aspirations plus a commitment to discretion."

Amy Acinelli  said, "It worked for us. My husband and I had always worked together. When we left work, the work problems stayed there. The same way we did not discuss problems about home, at work."

Debbie Gadberry-Atchison, "They usually don't work out and it gets messy when it falls apart and puts all your co-workers in the middle"

Antuaniece Key-Campbell, said "No, I don't want to see anybody allllll day long...see them at work...see  them at home....no thank u...then what if it doesn't work out...then u gotta look at that nut & grunt at one another while passing one another n the hall!"