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Mendte: Mitt Romney And Ron Paul

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What is going on between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul? In the presidential race so far the two are B.F.F. Every time Mitt Romney has been threatened by an other candidate, Ron Paul has been there for him to help take out the competition.

When Newt Gingrich threatened Romney in Iowa, Paul ran his first negative ad.

And now Rick Santorum is threatening to bat Romney in Romney’s home state of Michigan and here comes Romney’s BFF again with another negative ad to try and take out Santorum.

You may have noticed at the debates, Paul uses the ABR strategy, he attacks anybody but Romney.

He attacked Perry, then Gingrich, then Santorum and anyone who threatens Romney; Paul goes after him like a pit bull, leading to this analysis after a debate on ABC.

The website politico did a story on this special relationship of Romney and Paul and found that the two became good friends during the 2008 campaign and their wives have become great friends.

The question is what is in it for Ron Paul?  This is probably his last campaign, he may be looking for a spot in a Romney administration; but I think it’s more than that, more than being a good friend; I think Ron Paul is being a good dad.

Look for Ron Paul’s son Ran to pick up where dad left off and watch for president Romney or great fundraiser, rich and highly influential Romney to be there for the son of his BFF.

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