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Lionel: Linsanity

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Anent and regarding a term, a word, a media neologism that I hope I never hear for what’s left of my life, Linsanity. You see, once the paronomasia pun wagon started, folks were off and running and some had no idea that what they were saying was considered racist or anti-Asian or whatever. Why?

First, especially as to younger folks, their world is one where the f-bomb has replaced wit. Where scatology is premier and humor bleeds into attitude. They mean no harm but their harm is mean. Crude, rude. Look no further than the daily show, a man of Jon Stewart’s immense talent and intellect must deliver his writers` bleeped interjections or it’s not going to be a good night.

So when folks were throwing around their Asian Linsanity stabs at punny, some of the results were horrible, in some cases confusing Japanese with Chinese. Why? Simple, because they’re stupid. Look, Dorothy Parker, the Algonquin round table went the way of the Knights of the Round Table. And Trey ain't Dorothy.

It’s our zeitgeist.

We live in a world where The Book of Mormon is a runaway hit. Why? Because of the South Park provenance. The jokes were juvenile, the humor marginal and if you and I would have tried that, we’d be run out of town.

But because folks 'A' confuse shock and awful with funny and creative and 'B' the spineless bandwagoneers wouldn’t dare go against the cool grain: it’s a hit! So don’t get too tough on some clumsy punsters as to Linsanity.

Next, it drives me nuts how no one takes into account the intent of the errant comedian wannabes, they didn’t mean any harm; they don’t hate anybody. And it’s all so sad, because I love ethnic humor, I admit it. But only if it’s not merely hateful and, most importantly, if it make sense. But today, we’ve lost our comedy chops altogether for the aforementioned reasons.

Let me ask you a question, if you took the original scripts of 'all In The Family' could you put that on TV today? Hell no. Reruns, yes. And only with Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker. Now, you realize this makes no sense, right? Archie Bunker was the bigot, he was made to look like an idiot but that makes no difference. Certain words were used and we tolerated and found them hysterical 40 years ago but not now.

And why? What’s happened to us? Simple, we’ve become schizophrenic. And we love to be hyper-sensitive. When the Linsanity bits started, I thought uh oh. Here we go. Someone’s going to get caught up in the momentum, and they did.

Remember humor died in this country in 1973.


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