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Jacology: Guns And Kids

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The other day one of the scanners in the newsroom crackled with a message about shots fired. No big deal about that. In this town, a police call for shots fired is like getting a notice that the sun's coming up another day. Another set of fools with higher calibers than IQ's.

This one involved kids shot. A pair of kids. The initial radio call said one was nine. The other was ten. The only thing unusual was that it was a double shooting. In this town kids get shot all the time. Most of them are shot by accident. Some are on purpose. In those cases, the ones with the guns are usually other kids.

The centers for disease control estimate that around 3-thousand young people age 18 and under die from firearms in the United States every year. Another 17 thousand are injured. The trick is determining how many of those young people were involved in crime or were gang bangers, and how many were innocent bystanders. What we do know is 21-hundred were homicide victims. Four hundred were under age 15.

How does that happen? We know the answer. Kids are growing up without stable parents. Kids are being left on their own. Kids are hanging out with other kids who have guns. And it's very easy apparently for these kids to get their hands on firearms. But the main thing here is not enough adults who care about the kids.

That's our job. That's what we're supposed to do. We're not supposed to let kids run wild or get hurt. We're not supposed to let kids get shot or shoot each other.  But we somehow manage.

The kids who were shot didn't die. I called home to check on my 11 year old. She was fine. And these days...that's what passes for good news.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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