Song Fills Hole In Girl’s Heart

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The heartbeat of a little St. Louis girl is being heard around the world, thanks to singer Erin Bode and St. Louis Children's Hospital. Bode was so inspired by Katelyn Jackson's journey of overcoming a serious heart defect, she wrote a song about it and the rest of the world is beginning to listen.

Erin Bode often sings songs of the heart, but what you are about to hear is the actual sound of a heartbeat in her newest song.

"This song is for Katelyn and the story of her heart and is there a way we can include that and doctors told us right away we actually are able to record heartbeats,” said Bode.

It’s the heartbeat of Katelyn Jackson of Oakville. She had six surgeries before the age of three.

Mom/ She was born with a condition called a complete a-v canal, so basically there’s a giant hole right in the center of her heart," said Katelyn’s mom. "She really struggled to survive those first four months."

Today at age 10, Katelyn is healthy and strong thanks to the doctors of St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

The hospital contacted Bode and asked if she would write a song about Katelyn’s journey as a way to promote heart health for children. The result is Bode’s new song, 'The Space Between.'

"It’s an amazing song it has a very good inspiration that came from it and so it really gives hope to other families," said Katelyn.

"When you listen to the words right at the beginning Erin says we’re surrounded by angels," said Katelyn’s mom. "We have a number of angels in our lives that have touched us that didn’t make it through this challenge and this struggle."

“I was really excited to be able to share that opportunity and give hope to families," stated Katelyn.

Katelyn not only provided the beat to the song but she provided her voice as well. “I sang back up in it with a bunch of other kids," she said.

Bode said "We wanted to kind of involve her and represent young people in the song. So we gathered some young kids that we know including Katelyn and we taught them a little part of the song, ask them to be part of the recording cause it just kind of has a nice life to it at the end of the song with those young voices."

Bode and band member Adam Maness wrote "The Space Between' they met with Katelyn and her mom gathering information, in a couple of weeks they had written a moving message of challenge and hope.

It’s such a beautiful sing along song with such an emotional message that radio stations are taking notice. BBC London radio is playing "The Space Between"

Across the globe or across south St. Louis County where the Jackson’s live, the space between is filling with more love everyday...

Bode said “Whenever you can give a voice with music to a particular issue or story its more meaningful its very powerful. Music is an international language that speaks to everyone."

Katelyn’s mom said "I think it’s a universal message and universal song that we can take beyond even the heart that people go through challenges and go through struggles and you see this dark period of time. But if you just hold on you'll end up on the other side looking for the light and seeing it."

"I want to help other people because they have helped me and I want to give back," said Katelyn.

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