Mother: Daughter Was Not Getting Good Care at Cardinal Glennon

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The mother of a teenager who was taken from a local hospital has spoken out. The mom says her daughter was not getting good medical care, so her father took her out of the hospital. That triggered an urgent missing child search.

St. Louis City Police issued a S.A.R.A.A Alert Sunday afternoon when surveillance cameras at Cardinals Glennon Children's Medical Center caught Dana Jones taking the I-V out of his daughter, Brittany Jones, 14, and taking the girl out of the hospital.

The teen had a kidney transplant two years ago, but Brittany's mother, Patricia Jones, says her daughter soon developed complications. She says doctors first thought Brittany's body was rejecting the kidney. The parents say they eventually saw evidence doctors at Cardinal Glennon were not doing enough to help Brittany.

On Sunday, Patricia and her husband decided to take the teen to a hospital in Milwaukee where other family members had gotten good medical care.  But neither parent had legal custody of Brittany.  Missouri DFS officials took custody of her two weeks ago.

"I had made up my mind, because there were too many incidences where it's just serious things that's being overlooked," Patricia Jones said.

Cardinal Glennon Hospital released a statement saying "Every child at SSM Cardinals Glennon Children's Medical Center is treated with the highest level of care and compassion. SSM Cardinal Glennon performed the first infant kidney transplant in the state of Missouri and the quality of care in our transplant programs ranks among the best in the nation."

Doctors did not comment on why the teen was in DFS custody instead of her parents.

Brittany remains in that Milwaukee hospital where her mother says she is improving.  Brittany's father, Dana Jones is charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child and removing a child from state custody.

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