Local Girl Performs On American Idol During Hollywood Week

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The American Idol hopefuls made their way to Hollywood Wednesday night.

Among them was a local girl hoping to impress the judges and make it as one of the finalists performing for you each week.

Lindsey Cartier, 27, tried out for American Idol in Aspen, Colorado, where she currently attends medical school.

The judges gave her the golden ticket to Hollywood, and she brought some of her family along for the ride. But the rest of the family has to anxiously watch and wait to find out her fate.

The Cartier family gathered at Down Under, a restaurant owned by Lindsey's father to watch the show.

Lindsey is one of eight kids in the Cartier family, one of seven daughters.

Her father said he wasn't surprised that the judges gave Lindsey a golden ticket because singing karaoke runs in his family.

Lindsey was only seen a few times in the background of certain shots during Wednesday's first round in Hollywood episode.

The Cartier family is having fun watching for Lindsey on the television, but it's the wait that is the hardest part.

The show featured one contestant that fell off the stage during her Hollywood audition.