Kehrs Mill Bridge Construction To Cause Delays For Chesterfield Commuters

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The intersection of Kehrs Mill and Wild Horse Creek Roads is in the early stages of a major transformation.

The project includes raising Kehrs Mill and building a new bridge.

The plan is expected to improve safety and traffic flow.  It's also expected to cause some major problems for people driving in that area.

Kehrs Mill drivers will not be able to connect directly to Wild Horse Creek beginning in June.  The detour will last about a month and in some cases add 5 miles to the daily commute for drivers.

"It's not the just the distance," said Michael Cox, Chesterfield commuter.  "I`ll now be taking Clarkson which is already congested so I`ll be losing time."

Harold Hurlbut owns the Wild Horse Creek Mobile gas station and says his business will be sitting on a dead end for about one month.

"80 percent of my customers won't be able to get to me," Hurlbut estimates.

He's concerned over how much business he will lose but believes the overall project is needed.

"Kehrs Mill is dangerous when it gets a little slick," he said.  "I've seen cars end up upside down."

The project will cost more than $8 million.  In addition to improving the intersection, Kehrs Mill will be connected to Long Rd.  The entire project should be completed during the summer of 2013.