Jefferson County Police Recover Thousands Of Dollars In Stolen Property

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Jefferson County officers uncovered thousands of dollars of stolen property and want to find the owners.

Officers have two men in custody for allegedly taking the items from homes and churches.

Fox 2 viewers helped police nab the suspects. The surveillance video helped seal the deal.

Detective Mike Purneau with the Crystal City Police Department said, "Within 5 minutes of channel 2 airing it we had several calls."

Pevely Police Lt. Terry Thomas said, "We were able to locate and arrest the two suspects."
Ending a garage burglary and car break-in spree that plagued parts of Jefferson County for months.

Two weeks ago police say the suspects targeted Crystal City residents including Sheriff Glenn Boyer. Boyer's shotgun was stolen out of his car.

Police say the pair took the shotgun to the Pevely apartment they shared and could have killed a kid.

"It was shot through the floor to the apartment down below where a 12 year old young male was sleeping," said Lt. Thomas.

Investigators haven't found Sheriff Boyer's shotgun but they did recover more than $10,000 of stolen property from a storage locker also in Pevely.

"We were totally surprised when we got to the storage locker and we found big screen televisions. sound mixing boards commericial sound mixing boards and speakers and lighting and stuff," said Lt. Thomas.

Much of it belonged to a church in Cape Girardeau but the rest is ready to be claimed.
Police say one suspect is in his 20's the other in his 30's.

Both are on parole for theft and drug crimes and could now be facing federal charges.

"There could be federal charged filed against them with being a convicted felon and in possession of a firearm," said Lt. Thomas.

Pevely Police Dept. 636-475-4452.