Electric Charging Station Comes to Downtown St. Louis

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Microgrid Energy, based in Clayton, Missouri, unveiled its second charging station at its second hotel in less than a year, Thursday morning. Microgrid Energy spent a rainy Thursday morning celebrating the installation of the second station where customers can pay to charge their electric volt (or EV) cars.

The first was at the Moonrise on Delmar less than a year ago.

"This is exciting on many different levels," said Mack Bradley of the Mercantile Exchange District.  "First of all, it is an exciting amenity for the Laurel Apartments.  It's a great amenity for downtown."

It usually takes several hours to charge an empty battery.  Most owners have charging stations at home.

"But typically, people will just go around town and fill it up here and there," said Microgrid's Tyler Kessler.  "That's how we see the future to be."

There is a charging station at Alton City Hall in Illinois.  There is another at Anheuser Busch on Lynch in south St. Louis.  "If you've got an electric vehicle, and you've got 50,000 jobs Downtown," Bradley pointed out.  "People want to know that they can come downtown and plug their car in."

"We have one charging station.  We have one EV car.  But, Microgrid has a strategy to handle the thousands they expect will hit St. Louis, alone, in just five years."

"Our goal is to really hit the commercial users," Kessler said.  "The parking garages, the fleet owners, they're our number one goal because that is going to hit the masses the quickest."

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