Kids Make Posters For 1st Iraq War Parade

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With markers and crayons and pens and pencils they made their marks plain and simple. At Ross Elementary the signs...hand made for Saturday`s first ever welcome home parade.

'They realize the human that service has here at home,' says Toby McQuerrey the coordinator of social studies for the Parkway School District. 'So I think whenever I saw them making these banners, I saw them making them for their classmates and the other children who's parents went and served.'

Like Brandon Williams whose military mom and dad were both gone for five years serving in Afghanistan.

'Yeah it was kind of hard cause you never really know if they might come back or not, says Brandon Williams.

His folks are back home and today he was on a mission to add some army green to his message.

'Well it was important to me cause of my parents and grandparents cause they took me in while my mom and dad were in serving for the country, notes Williams.

It`s clear with his classmates the sacrifices his parents have made, but they also understand the realities of war.

'I wouldn't want my dad or mom to go all the way across the seas and not come back for at least five years,' says fellow Julia Brooks.
'It'd be kind of scary at night cause you wouldn't be with your parents and wouldn't have them to be able to hug you everyday and ask how your day was,' says Avery Cooper.

'They're getting a much deeper connection to what they're learning in our social studies curriculum,' says McQuerrey. 'But also seeing that what happens around the world absolutely impacts what's happening here in our community.'

Call it a sign of the times that the next generation is taking time to thank those who`ve done so much.

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