Firefighters Sue To Move Kids Out Of City Schools

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City firefighters are suing three suburban school districts. They’re demanding the county schools accept city students, free of charge, because St. Louis City schools are unaccredited.

This is the latest salvo in an escalating war over city kids being able to enroll in suburban schools. Both Missouri law and the Missouri Supreme Court say the suburban schools must take the city kids. So far, all the suburban districts are refusing.

The firefighters are suing the Lindbergh, Kirkwood and Webster Groves schools. They say state law gives them the right to transfer their children to those districts as long as the city schools are unaccredited and have the city schools pay for it. Suburban schools say they don’t have the space or the teachers to handle a tsunami of kids from the city schools. While firefighters have both a state law and a state supreme court ruling on their side the entire issue of city children in suburban schools is on hold until a lower court reviews the whole thing.

That law can’t be enforced until a lower court finishes looking at what it would involve to transfer potentially thousands of city children to suburban schools. That involves a separate case and the next hearing is March 5th in St. Louis County Court.

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