Facebook Timeline Rolling Out To All Users

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The question keeps getting asked, “When will we all be switched over to Facebook Timeline?” Well, the wait is over.  Reports are starting to surface that the biggest switch to Facebook since the Wall has begun.

Current views for personal profiles will be switched over to Timeline over the next few weeks.  The Wall was switched over in a similar way.  If you have not switched over on your own, one day you will sign in to your account and see the new interface, plus a message at the top of the screen.

Facebook is giving users one week to preview and remove items from your Timeline before making the switch public.  This should be plenty of notice for users who check their accounts daily, but for those who only check occasionally, this might pose some issues.

You can start double checking your photo albums now. You can also set up “lists” for your friends so you can select who sees what.

Timeline is set up to move you from living in the moment on Facebook, to telling your life story.  A timeline appears on the right side of your page to guide you to different times in your past.  You can add to that timeline for your own viewing, or for all to see, to share moments like buying a home, graduating from school, new jobs, vacations, and more.

Timeline makes it easy to find old posts on your own or other people’s profiles.  Can’t find that link your friend shared back in October? Just click on the timeline to get back there easily.

Facebook will be supplying each user with an Activity Log to check your activity.  This will not be visible to your friends.

You will also be able to hide posts or make them visible to “Only Me” or to lists you select.  You will want to click on the pencil to access these options.

If you want to get a jump on the change, you still can by going to the Introducing Timeline page. Just click “Get Timeline”.

Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

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