St. Louis City, County Report Lowest Crime Numbers In 40 Years

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Police in bothSt. LouisCity and County report the lowest crime numbers in over forty years.  That drop counts the most serious crimes committed in both areas in 2011.  Murders were down in St. Louis City.  Those numbers held steady in the county.

Again, both areas saw decreases in some serious property crimes but not all.  The city saw two more robberies in 2011 from the year before.  Both jurisdictions report an increase in burglaries.  Those have been prevalent since this most recent economic crisis began.  Officers say most were reports of suspects stealing copper and aluminum from vacant homes.

These numbers are good news for the city.  This is vindication for a controversial poll published by CQ Press in 2009 that named St. Louis City “The Most Dangerous City in America.  Another reason these numbers are significant: the city and the county are separate jurisdictions.  St. Louis City is the only municipality in Missouri that is not part of any county.

City Chief Dan Isom says there is a lot more to be done.  The city credits higher bails for young people caught with guns for making their streets safer.  County executive Charlie Dooley thanks Chief Tim Fitch with starting programs that reach out to the community while pushing crime numbers down.