Radio Talk Show Caller’s Threat Leads To Arrest

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A man from Arnold is under arrest for making a threat against St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Police say the threat came from a caller to the McGraw Milhaven show on KTRS radio on Wednesday.

Milhaven was discussing Kroenke's comments at a news conference Monday to announce Jeff Fisher as the new head coach. Kroenke would not give assurances that the Rams would stay in St. Louis. Kroenke said he been accused of taking quote,"A lot of jack out of the market," but went on to say he "Put a lot of jack in the market."

The quote from the on-air call from KTRS radio that raised a red flag is, "I, I aint gonna say nothin, but the only thing I could put into it other than jack is lead like the dude in Kirkwood. I don't blame him a bit for what he did.">

After the call, KTRS radio called Arnold police who arrested the man. The caller made a reference to Kirkwood. Aix people were killed at the Kirkwood city hall shooting rampage in 2008.

Arnold police would not identify the suspect because he has not been charged. He was arrested and released and police say he is cooperating. Arnold police have turned the case over to the prosecutor to determine if charges should be filed.